The WLAN module for microdrones MD4-200 and MD4-1000.

Our module WiFi4UAV provides the telemetry data of the MD4-200 or MD4-1000  via WiFi. These data contain all important information such as position, velocity, angles, battery level, etc.

WiFi can also be used to sent a reference velocity vector to the UAV to control it. Manual intervention on RC is possible at any time. As an additional option we offer for this module a waypoint function, so that not only the reference speeds but also waypoints can be passed to the UAV via WiFi. Each waypoint consists of a coordinate (longitude / latitude relative to WGS84), a flight altitude and the speed at which the approach is done. To communicate with WiFi4UAV we provide our customers with an open source software library in C++ for Windows and Linux. Solutions for other languages ​​are available on request. Variants with mobile connection (GPRS / UMTS / LTE) and image transfer are available on request.




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WiFi4UAV with housing